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  • Twangerz Pickle Salt Shakers Twang 023604213119
  • Twangerz Pickle Salt Shakers Twang 023604213119
  • Twangerz Pickle Salt Shakers Twang 023604213119
  • Twangerz Pickle Salt Shakers Twang 023604213119
  • Twangerz Pickle Salt Shakers Twang 023604213119

Twangerz Pickle Salt Shakers

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👉3 Shakers Per Order

Our Twang Pickle Salt is the perfect way to add a zesty kick to your favorite snacks and drinks! In Texas, where pickles are a staple at every barbecue, movie theater, and festival event, we're taking this beloved flavor to the next level. Our Pickle Salt captures the tangy and slightly sweet essence of a classic dill pickle, expertly blended into a convenient shaker, perfect for on-the-go flavor. Made with all-natural ingredients our Pickle Salt is a testament to our Tex-Mex heritage and commitment to innovation. Whether you're rimming a glass for a savory cocktail, sprinkling over fresh popcorn, or adding a bold touch to fries, Twangerz Pickle Salt is versatile enough to elevate any culinary creation.

With Texas as the trailblazer for pickle appreciation, we are proud to expand this cherished flavor, allowing everyone to savor the taste of Texas tradition with a modern twist. Get ready to pucker up and sprinkle a little Twang onto your palate with our delightful Pickle Salt!

🥒Need some inspo? Checkout these snack-pairing ideas:

  • Popcorn: Give movie night a Texan spin by sprinkling some Pickle Salt over your buttery popcorn.
  • Vegetables: Jazz up your veggies like carrots or cucumber sticks with a dash of pickle delight.
  • Chips: Elevate your plain or kettle-cooked chips with a sprinkle for a tangy touch.
  • Barbecue: A light dusting on grilled meats can bring a new dimension to your BBQ.
  • Cocktails: Perfect as a Bloody Mary Salt or on the rim of your next michelada.
  • French Fries: Skip the ketchup and season your fries with this uniquely Texan flavor.
  • Sandwiches: A pinch on your sandwich gives it a crunchy, pickle-like taste without the actual pickles.
  • Avocado Toast: For a quirky brunch twist, add some Pickle Salt on top.
  • Salads: Toss it into your salad for a burst of flavor without the soggy pickles.
  • Eggs: Mix into your scrambled eggs or sprinkle on deviled eggs for an unexpected zing.

Twangerz Pickle Salt isn't just a seasoning; it's a way to bring a piece of Texas to your table and expand on a flavor we all love in new and exciting ways!



Salt, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Natural Pickle Flavor, Tricalcium Phosphate (Flow Agent), Natural Flavors.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Customer (Williston, VT, US)
When I Die- Bury Me In This

My Dad brought this salt back home to NY for me from Texas. My soul left my body when I tried it. Truly amazing and I'll never live without it in my life ever again!

J.C. (Ashburn, VA, US)
Great for Tequila Shots

My friends and I use this for Tequila Shots! Awesome!!

Jeff Williams (Prineville, OR, US)
Pickle Punch

I love the Pickle Punch beer salt! I order around 40-50 a year and keep the friends and family happy!!!

Jose Lopez (Running Springs, CA, US)
Yearly Christmas Gift

Your Pickle Punch is a yearly gift that is looked forward to by the family. And they really cherish for the flavoring it adds to various foods.


Kids like it on cucumber