Meet the flavor people who make it all happen

Our Twang family, blending passion, creativity, and fun into every product.

This is the dedicated family behind Twang Partners – each individual bringing their unique zest, creativity, and passion to the table. United by our love for exceptional flavors and fun, we are more than just a team; we're a vibrant community, deeply rooted in our rich Tex-Mex heritage and committed to innovation.

In this lively group, you'll find the craftsmen and women who meticulously blend, taste, and perfect every Twang product. From the skilled hands that craft our signature beer salts to the imaginative minds that concoct our array of seasoning blends, each member plays a crucial role in our journey of flavor exploration.

Together, we celebrate the diversity of tastes and experiences that our products bring to your tables. Our mission goes beyond creating high-quality flavor enhancers; it's about infusing joy, culture, and a sense of familial warmth into every meal and drink.