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we are a manufacturing company specializing in creating high-quality flavored salts, sugars, and spice blends.

Founded in 1986 in the heart of Texas, our roots are deeply entrenched in Latino and Tex-Mex cultures. Our mission? To infuse fun and creativity into every culinary experience, inspiring people to explore and be adventurous with their food and drink choices.

Our lineup of products includes an array of unique flavor enhancers. We're proud to be the original creators of flavored margarita salts and beer salts. Innovation, premium quality, and exceptional ingredients are the hallmarks of everything we craft.

At Twang, our brand is all about being lively, joyous, and approachable. We value family, teamwork, and a strong community spirit.

In essence, we stand at the intersection of culture, flavor, and fun, dedicated to enriching your eating and drinking experiences with a touch of our unique flair.

We have a variety of products.

Our brands include Beer Salt, Twangerz, Twang-A-Rita, Twang Reserve Michelada Mix and Cocktail Rimmers, and Clamato Chili-Lime Salt. Learn more about each brand by clicking on it in the main menu.

Some of our discontinued products include Zas Seasonings, and Orange, Hot Lime, and Grapefruit Beer Salt. We may bring certain flavors back from time to time, be sure to sign up to our email list to be the first to be notified.

You betcha!

Although we can't sprinkle cash like fairy dust (wouldn't that be something?), we'd love to shower you with our fabulous Twang products for your special occasion or event. Just hit us up on Instagram, drop us a DM with your name, the reason behind the donation, and the deadline you have in mind and we'll be in touch.

Looking to score some big quantities in bulk? Hit us up at 800.950.8095 for more info.

We are located in select convenience, grocery, and liquor stores across the United States.

You can also order from us on our online or on Amazon. For specific distributor information, please contact us directly at 800.950.8095

Yes! All of our products are gluten-free.

For other specific dietary concerns, please check the product label or contact us directly for more information.

To maintain freshness and flavor, store our products in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Our products have a 1 year shelf life.


Our salts, sugars, and spices are perfect for culinary creativity. They can be used in cooking, baking, and beverage-making to add a unique twist to your dishes and drinks.

We love creativity!

For custom blend inquiries, please contact us directly to discuss your ideas and requirements.

We welcome new partnerships!

For distribution and retail inquiries, please visit our website's Contact Us page or send us an email at info@twang.com.

You can if your product has expired by looking at the Julian date printed on the bottom of your product then by adding 1 year to that date.

The Julian date printed on the product is that date that the product was produced. We recommend a 1 year shelf life for all of of our products salts, sugars, and seasonings and a 2 year shelf life for our Michelada Mix (sealed). Refer to the number that is combined with letter at the front. The last 5 digits are the Julian date.

For example: Your product reads AG1L13723....Take a look at the last 5 digits - this product was made on the 137th day of 2023 and will expire exactly 1 year from that date.

Our products are:

  • Kosher Certified Facility

  • Gluten Free Products

  • Vegan

  • No Artificial Flavors

  • *Allergen Free Except Miche Mix