Flavor across your whole menu

Twang's versatile range of premium flavored salts, sugars, and seasonings is an invaluable addition to any bar or restaurant, bringing creative flair and unique flavors to appetizers, sides, desserts, beverages, and sauces. Whether you're aiming to enhance the overall flavor of an appetizer, add a zingy twist to sides, give a sweet and salty contrast to desserts, elevate the appeal of beverages, or create one-of-a-kind sauces, Twang is the key ingredient that helps chefs and bartenders craft memorable dining experiences.

Appetizers / Sides

Ready to elevate your appetizers and sides to superstar status? Our versatile blends are here to take your menu from ordinary to extraordinary! Simply sprinkle, toss, or dust our magical concoctions on your existing dishes to unlock a world of flavor and premium appeal. Need some inspiration? Check out these mouthwatering suggestions: 

  • Vegetables: Transform boring veggies into flavor-packed delights with just a sprinkle of our blends.
  • Proteins: Give your wings, strips, and skewers an extra kick of flavor excitement with our tantalizing blend options. 
  • Fries/Tots: Turn the ordinary into the gourmet and have your customers adding these sides to every order. 
  • Rice: From savory to spicy, our blends add an instant upgrade to any rice dish, making it a star on your menu.


Ready to shake things up behind the bar? Our versatile blends aren't just for food – they're the secret ingredient to crafting unforgettable beverages that'll have your customers raising their glasses for more! Whether you're looking to add new drink classics or spice up your seasonal offerings, we've got you covered. Check out these refreshing suggestions:

  • Cocktails/Mocktails: Shake up the cocktail scene with our blends, perfect for adding a dash of excitement to any drink, alcoholic or not.
  • Beer and Seltzers: Take beer and hard seltzers to the next level by rimming glasses or incorporating our blends into beer or seltzer based cocktails for a surprising burst of flavor.
  • Coffee: Transform your morning brew into a flavor-packed sensation with a sprinkle of our blends.
  • Teas/Lemonades: Give your teas and lemonades a zesty twist that'll keep your customers coming back for refills.
  • Soft Drinks: Elevate ordinary sodas into extraordinary sips with our unique blend options.


Let's turn up the flavor on your main attractions! Our vibrant blends aren't just for sides and starters – they're the secret weapon for making your entrees shine bright like a culinary star. We understand that the center of the plate is where the magic happens (and where costs can add up), so we're here to offer you creative and cost-effective solutions to transform your proteins into mouthwatering masterpieces. Check out these tantalizing suggestions:

  • Poultry: Give chicken and turkey dishes a flavor boost that'll have your customers clucking for more.
  • Beef: Elevate steaks, burgers, and meaty mains with our savory blends for a taste sensation like no other.
  • Pork: From ribs to chops, our blends add a pop of flavor that'll have pork lovers squealing with delight.
  • Seafood: Dive into the deep blue sea of flavor with our blends, perfect for enhancing fish and seafood dishes.
  • Vegetarian: Even meat-free meals can benefit from a burst of flavor! Sprinkle our blends on tofu, tempeh, or veggie burgers for an unforgettable taste experience.


Ready to satisfy those sweet cravings in style? Our delightful blends aren't just for savory dishes – they're the magic touch that'll turn your desserts into irresistible indulgences! Get ready to dazzle your customers with on-trend and seasonal flavors that'll have them coming back for dessert time and time again. Check out these mouthwatering suggestions:

  • Donuts/Pastries: Transform your donuts and pastries into delightful confections with our blends, adding a burst of flavor that'll have your customers reaching for more with every bite.
  • Cheesecake: Take your cheesecakes to the next level with our flavorful blends, adding a delicious twist to every creamy bite.
  • Cookies: Elevate your cookies from ordinary to extraordinary with a sprinkle of our blends, creating cookies that are as exciting as they are delicious.
  • Ice Cream/Shakes: Scoop up some excitement by adding our blends to ice cream or shakes, creating cool treats that'll keep your customers coming back for more.
  • Fresh Fruit: Give fresh fruit a flavor makeover with our blends, turning ordinary fruit bowls or platters into vibrant and enticing desserts bursting with seasonal goodness.

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