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It all started with a lemon, a lime, and a crazy idea...

Roger Trevino Sr


Strolling through the streets of Mexico City while on a business trip three decades ago, Roger Treviño hit upon an idea that spiced up an entire category in the food and beverage industry.

The concept was packaged citrus salts and, once Treviño found a raw product supplier in California, he began blending and distributing the salt packets to convenience stores locally in 1986. Ten years later, his company Twang began marketing the product as beer salt and then added flavored margarita salts, boldly introducing the Mexican tradition to consumers for the first time in the United States.

Since then, Twang has grown into a massive business that manufactures and ships seven brands of Southwestern-inspired flavored salts, sugars, and spice seasonings to stores and restaurants in 48 states and overseas. Some of Twang’s other brands include the snack topping Twangerz, a food seasoning called Zas!, flavored coffee topping Café Zuca, and Twang-a-Rita, a cocktail dressing.

the twang timeline

  • 1986

    The first Twang Packet

    Roger Trevino Sr. starts Twang in the garage of his family home in San Antonio, TX.

  • 1989

    Pickle Salt Girl

    Roger wanted to showcase his only daughter, Elysia, who made her debut as a model, perm and all.

  • 1992

    Making Big Moves

    Twang buys its first machinery and becomes a direct manufacturer. The first packet machine is still used today

  • 1995

    Twang gets spicy!

    Elysia makes a comeback on the packaging at age 12 for Twang's first chili based blend.

  • 1997

    Mini Beer Bottle Shaker

    Twang's debuts it's now iconic Beer Salt bottle and becomes the first ever to create a FLAVORED margarita for TX grocer H.E.B.

  • 2005

    The Clip Strip

    Our most popular merchandising piece since the first counter display rack, makes displaying Beer Salt innovative and increases Twang's visibility.

  • 2010

    Muy Caliente!

    Twang celebrates it's 25th year anniversary by releasing the first limited edition flavor Caliente 86 "Hot Lime" Beer Salt

  • 2024

    Glow Up

    Our product lineup includes a wide variety of products, including custom flavors for top coffee brands and bar/restaurant establishments.