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It's Twang's 35th Anniversary!

It's Twang's 35th Anniversary!

APRIL 2021 -- Reflecting on the past 35 years we feel both humbled and honored. To be such an intrinsic part of the culture of San Antonio and Texas is truly a blessing. It is with a great sense of accomplishment that we look back on how far Twang has come since 1986. Yet we are also looking forward! Twang plans to continue to innovate the way people eat, drink and celebrate for many years to come. We know that none of this is possible without the overwhelming support from our fans across the country so we want to say THANK YOU to each and every person who has had a flavorfully fun experience con Twang. Y'all are the reason we do what we do!

In celebration of our 35th anniversary Twang is excited to announce the launch of our NEW Spicy and Pickle flavors in our Reserve Michelada Mix line. The Spicy Michelada Mix includes notes of serrano peppers and added hot sauce to give it that extra kick. The Pickle Michelada Mix is made with real dill and cucumber to give it an authentic pickle flavor. Both new flavors are available in 16oz bottles and can now be purchased on our online store (link below) or at SPECS locations across Texas. We hope you enjoy and cheers to 35 years!

NEW Spicy & Pickle Michelada Mix


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