Welcome to the Flavor Factory

Since 1986, the Twang family has been working to add a dash of fun to your favorite food and drink. Every premium salt, sugar and seasoning that comes out of HQ, the flavor factory, in San Antonio, Texas is made to go with everything from morning huevos to evening cocktails. And with flavors to suit every taste, you can be sure that no matter what you’re sitting down to, we can make it an absolute delight.

  • Family-owned for 30+ years
  • On-site flavor innovation lab
  • Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas

Quench your cravings MORNING, NOON & NIGHT

Night owl? Early bird? No matter how you fly, Twang has your taste buds covered.

The best products for A crafted experience

Thirty years ago, our founding father (aka Dad) had a lemon, a lime, and a crazy idea. Today, we continue his legacy with a line of unique flavors that turn ordinary beers, cocktails and food into extraordinary experiences.

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Best Locally Made Product in San Antonio 2021
Best Locally Made Product in San Antonio 2021

San Antonio’s Best Locally Made Product AUGUST 2021 — As if celebrating our 35th anniversary in April was not enough…

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