ZAS! adds unique and regional flavors to the produce department

ZAS! Super-Seasonings were created with the produce department in mind. From the formulations of the blend to the clean, sleek packaging, ZAS! is entering the market with clear direction of where it belongs. As a manufacturer of sugars, salts and spices, we have found ways to add fun and flavor to drinking, snacking and on-the-go occasions with our other products such as Twang-A-Rita Margarita Salts, Twangerz Snack Toppings and Cafe Zuca Flavored Sugar Toppings. This year we were eager to challenge ourselves with a brand new product specifically designed for a unfamiliar department for Twang, the produce department of a grocery store.

Our team began researching and educating ourselves in produce and even hired a new Marketing Director whose background is in the perishable foods industry, to ensure that ZAS! would be positioned and launched correctly. We found that the produce department is a fast growing segment and is among the top visited places in a grocery store.

Innovation in produce is continually rising as companies reach for new ways to grab the growing millennial shopper. With “six in ten U.S consumers and 68% of consumers with children..cooking meals at home more often” we saw an opportunity to supply a product that makes cooking more fun and flavorful in a shorter amount of time. “As consumers shift their focus to cooking healthy meals at home, it’s important that brands and retailers appeal to these behaviors.”

We are excited to introduce this one-of-a-kind item that is so versatile among different produce items.