You will fall in Love At First Lick in 2014

Love at First Lick


2014 will be focused on one main goal: To get new younger consumers to try all our flavors, and to get existing fans to share their love for Twangerz. We will do this by connecting with consumers by asking them one simple question:

Do you Believe in Love at First Lick?

The colors & images are bold, simple and fun.

All elements of the campaign and stresses attention to the Brand Personality while drawing focus to individual flavors and usage. Once a person tries a Twangerz flavor, they will love it. And that love can quickly become addicting, (as we have learned from listening online) and gives us the perfect avenue to explore consumer usage, recipe ideas, etc. through encouraged participation. It is a fun, young, exciting theme perfectly suited for the social world that our target consumer is completely immersed in.


Lick theme used throughout Twang Communication.