Versatility is Key!

ZAS! is not your one-trick-pony seasoning, it’s versatility is among it’s best qualities. Unlike other current seasonings offered in the produce section of grocery stores, ZAS! is launching with four different regional inspired flavors that bring exotic and bold flavor to foods. These flavors are seen as ¬†popular regional flavor profiles that resonate across Hispanics, Asians, Caucasians and Islanders.

Although ZAS! is a clean product: gluten free, Kosher, no artificial ingredients and low sodium (Mango Chili & Tamarind), being non-artificial is no longer the only challenge products must overcome. “I think the bigger challenge is to make [products] that have great flavors without having to add a bunch of ingredients,” says Lee Greene, founder of Scrumptious Pantry. ZAS! not only answers on transparency, which is highly valued by the millennial shopper, but also on convenience. Simply shake on ZAS! as a last step to meals and enjoy!