Twang Partners Expands Presence at NACS

(October 2014) SAN ANTONIO, TX — Twang Partners, a San Antonio-based company specializing in premium flavored salts and sugars, had its largest trade show presence to date at this year’s National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) Show in Las Vegas from October 8-10. Show attendees will enter the place “Where Flavor Meets Fun” at booth 537, where representatives showcased the company’s popular Beer Salt and Twangerz brands.


“We look forward to attending the NACS Show every year to showcase our newest product innovations and merchandising solutions,” said Twang Marketing Director Elysia Gonzales. “This year, we were thrilled to share new flavors of Beer Salt and Twangerz with retailers, as well as inventive new ways to highlight our products throughout stores to help drive incremental sales.”


Twang Partners featured these offerings at the 2014 show:



  • Orange Beer Salt, the newest flavor in the brand’s citrus lineup was introduced in late summer and was featured for the first time at this year’s NACS show. The new blend is a combination of fine salt with tart, tangy orange flavor. It’s perfect for the smooth flavors of Belgian-style wheat beers, which are popular sellers in the specialty beer segment.


  • Beer Salt’s signature mini beer bottle shaker has a sleek new look with clean design elements and a new focus on the brand’s Beer Salt shield. The updated packaging aligns with the future direction of the brand and lets consumers know that Beer Salt is about flavor and fun.


  • The new Beer Salt Cooler Door Display holds 24 Beer Salt longneck bottles and provides another creative option for in-store placement, allowing consumers to easily find Beer Salt for an impulse purchase. The display was designed with convenience and versatility in mind with both suction cups for cooler doors and hanging clips for fastening to racks and other displays.


  • The popular Twangerz Snack Topping brand has two new flavors for fans to enjoy – Tamarind and Hot Pickle. The bold Twangerz salt blends are a quick, inexpensive, low-calorie ways to add zest to meals and snacks, even on the go. The Hot Pickle flavor is a salty blend of jalapeño pepper and natural pickle flavors with a touch of lemon and lime, while the Tamarind flavor takes the essence of the unique tropical fruit to create a brisk, slightly sweet flavor.


  • Food service providers can now purchase individual packets of Twangerz Chili Lime Salt and food-service sized jars of all Twangerz Snack Topping flavors. These new options are ideal for retailers looking to capitalize on customers eating meals on the go, as well as the rise in popularity of fruit as a snack food. The products allow consumers to add an extra pop of flavor to their food while also becoming more familiar with the Twangerz line of products, building brand recognition for future purchases.


  • Twang is now offering a new Extreme Flavors Power Wing for Twangerz that comes in both 40-count and 60-count sizes.