Twang-A-Rita Margarita Salt Gets a Makeover

Twang-A-Rita Margarita Salt has gotten a makeover! After being the first to introduce flavored margarita salt more than ten years ago, we thought it was due time to celebrate this signature product with a sleek new look. The updated packaging features a perfectly dressed margarita complete with Twang-A-Rita Margarita Salt and a lime garnish, emphasizing the product’s ability to put the finishing touch on every rim. Lid colors indicate the Twang-A-Rita Margarita Salt flavor: white for Classic, green for Lime and yellow for Lemon-Lime.

Born in San Antonio, home of margarita culture, Twang-A-Rita remains a category leader because of its distinct flavor profiles and superior ingredients. As the popularity of homemade cocktails continues to grow, it’s the perfect choice for consumers wanting to add an authentic finish to their margaritas, Bloody Marys and cocktail creations.

Several enticing displays are available to retailers to generate additional profit on liquor and mixer sales with Twang-A-Rita Margarita Salt. Contact us now to place an order.