Twang-A-Rita gets a makeover

(JUNE 2017) SAN ANTONIO, TX —In celebration of its 30-year anniversary, Twang Partners is completely re-inventing the Twang-a-Rita brand. The formula, packaging and identity of the brand are all being revamped and refocused, so that it is accessible and desirable to both consumers and food industry organizations. The new, playful flavor names are Golden Roar (orange, lime), Unwind Lime (lime), Nectarberry (strawberry, lime), Citrusplash (lemon, lime), Paloma Love (grapefruit, lime), and Sunrise Spice (chili peppers, cayenne, lime).

Twang-a-Rita is a high-quality citrus based seasoning used to dress the rim of margaritas and other cocktails, ranging from mojitos to palomas and mules. Each of the new formulas was developed with natural flavors and colors, using kosher salt, cane sugar, lime juice powders, fresh ground chilies and other natural ingredients.

“Twang-a-Rita was originally inspired by our Latino heritage and our hometown of San Antonio, Texas, and many of the flavors retain elements of that influence,” said Elysia Treviño-Gonzales, Chief Operating Officer for Twang. “In 2017, we are expanding our palate so that we incorporate our history and still feel authentic to Twang while also providing a refreshed, all-natural and playful approach to cocktails made at home and in food service.”

Twang-a-Rita is a new, fun and flavorful selection of cocktail rimming options that provide at-home bartenders and service industry professionals a gourmet yet accessible signature ingredient. All flavors of the product are available in gusseted, reusable bags with colorful, custom designs. Additionally, Twang partnered with Texas grocer H-E-B – headquartered in San Antonio – to provide Nectarberry & Sangrita flavors that will only be available at H-E-B for its customers.

“We wanted to provide our local partner who has supported us for so many years a few flavors that would be special and exclusive to only them,” said Elysia Treviño-Gonzales. “We are thrilled for this launch with H-E-B and hope the customers enjoy the unique flavors of Strawberry Lime for Nectarberry and the salty sweet heat of Sangrita.”

Twang-a-Rita will be available at H-E-B and in grocery, specialty and liquor stores across the U.S. in June 2017. For more information, please visit twang.com.