Roger Trevino, Sr. wins 2013 Outstanding Partner-of-the-Year Award

Roger Trevino, Sr is a man who has worked very hard to achieve his goals. As a very successful business person he remains humble and thankful attributing his successes to the grace of God. Giving back to the community that he calls home is very important to Roger and the employees of Twang. The community work with Holmes IT Academy, a program designed to get high school students certified to work in the IT field, has landed Roger Trevino, Sr. recognition.

On Tuesday April 16th, Roger Trevino, Sr. was awarded the 2013 Outstanding Partner-of-the-Year Award for his work with Holmes High School.  The Northside Independent School District hosted a Spirit of Partnerships event where the district recognized outstanding partners who have made an impact on the district. Roger Trevino, Sr. won the Outstanding Partner-of-the-Year Award for Community Involvement at the High School level.