New Twangerz Packaging is Fun and Flexible

We’re turning up the fun with a redesigned look for our Twangerz line of snack toppings. The new and more colorful packaging highlights the bold flavors of the snack topping salts, available in Lemon-Lime, Pickle, Chili-Lime and Mango Chili flavors. The bright hues and prominent lettering appeal to the product’s target teen and tween audience, enticing them to create their own custom combinations by adding Twangerz to fruit, veggies, chips, popcorn and more.

Twangerz appeal to a diverse array of taste preferences and sell well in a range of store categories including spices, candy, produce, ethnic, meat, seafood and salty snacks. The product is available in 1.15-ounce shaker bottles and one gram packets.