NEW Twangerz merchandising pieces add value

Twangerz receives brand new merchandising pieces that are sure to create value. The new Twangerz Floor Shipper and Twangerz PowerWing provide more opportunities for placement in store.

We’ve also introduced a new two-tier rack offering and a freestanding floor display. This allows for eye-catching grab n’ go presentation, helping you leverage found space to influence quick impulse purchases, especially by the young adult demographic. Contact us now to place an order.

Bright vibrant packaging draws consumer’s attention and creates more points-of-purchase. Whether you’re a convenience store or grocery store, these pieces have a place.

Twangerz Floor Shipper

  • Open dump bin allows for quick grab-n-go impulse purchase
  • Place in the store front to draw initial reaction from consumers
  • Place next to snack aisles for secondary purchase with snack item
  • Place in produce aisle to promote purchase with fruit item

Twangerz Power Wing & Two- Tier Rack

  • Place on countertop at check out for last minute impluse purchase
  • Place ontop of fruit display (or fruit bar) to promote purchase with fruit item
  • Place ontop of snack aisle for secondary purchase with snack item

Wherever you chose to place these new Twangerz merchandising items, there is sure to be an impact. Please contact us for information on these pieces or see the attached Sales Sheets.