KRTU Twang Challenge

KRTU is a public radio station that has been broadcasting Jazz music for 10 years. The station is called Jazz 91.7 and is broadcasted out of Trinity University. The station is listener supported which means that all funds come from donations of listeners and sponsors. Twang supports a program called the Growing Jazz Initiative that helps build and support Jazz education in grades K-12, things like music clinics are sponsored. We believe in the importance of education through music and that the youth need to be supported in our community.

During the Spring Drive (where the station pushes to get monetary donations from listeners) Twang issued out a “Twang Challenge” where we asked listeners to donate money and we will match it, up to $1,000. In other words if they can get raise $1,000 from listeners, we will write out a check for $1,000 to match it! We were so happy to be involved and had a great time. Till next year!