Food Service

With a vast selection of delicious flavored sugar and salt blends to choose from, each with a unique eye-catching color, there’s unlimited ways to boost the appeal and value of your signature dishes, cocktails, and desserts. And for just pennies per serving. For More information contact Patrick Trevino at ptrevino@twang.com , 210.226.7008, or fill out the form on the right.

Available Flavors:

Apple • Blood Orange • Chili Lime Salt • Coconut • Cranberry Sugar • Hatch Chile Salt

Hot Pink Sugar • Lemon Sugar • Lemon-Lime Margarita Salt • Lemon Ginger Sugar

Lime Sugar • Lime Margarita Salt • Mango Chili • Mint • Premium Margarita Salt

Paloma Margarita Salt • Pineapple • Raspberry Red • Ruby Red Grapefruit Sugar

Sangrita • Spicy Mango Salt Sriracha • Strawberry Lime Salt

 Sweet & Salty Caramel • Tamarind Salt • Tangerine • Watermelon