Coffee dominates Food Service

Cafe Zuca Flavored Sugar Toppings were created to fulfill the demand of coffee-specific items which would increase the appeal of coffee programs throughout the convenience store segment. The coffee section of a convenience store is a thriving and profit generating hot spot with 60% of Americans drinking coffee each day (nca.com). Net coffee sales in convenience were more than $2.5 billion, being third place after coffee shops and burger restaurants (study logic.com). There are many options for consumers to purchase their brewed beverages with over 11,000 chain and 14,000 independent cafes in the U.S, according to the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA). The main drivers are consistent they want their coffee hot, fresh and customized to their specific taste. In order to keep relevant, many convenient stores are finding simple ways to make brew purchases a more customization experience that their consumers want.

Many try to satisfy consumer needs by adding several variations of coffee and flavorings, but studies have shown less is more. Cafe Zuca Flavored Sugar Toppings are available in five flavors making customizing an easy choice.

“People are particular about their coffee and if you don’t have companion additives to prepare their coffee to their liking, they will find a place that does,” Ted Roccaglia, retail marketing manager/business coach. Stand apart from competitors by making your coffee program a destination, not just another coffee program.