Cocktail Candy Adds Fun and Excitement to the Cocktail Experience

Twang Partners, a San Antonio-based company specializing in premium flavored salts and sugars featured its Cocktail Candy line of premium cocktail rimmers at the 2013 Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco from January 20-22nd. Cocktail Candy is a flavorful cocktail garnish that adds fun, flair and excitement to the drinking experience. The combination of pure cane sugar infused with natural fruit flavors and vibrant color, is a delicious compliment to a wide array of cocktails.

Cocktail Candy’s existing flavors are listed below:

Lemon Twist – The zest of a lemon peel comes to life in this sweet and tangy interpretation. The possibilities are endless for this great tasting garnish, but we like it with Lemonade (regular or electric).

Cranberry Cosmos – The full-bodied taste of fresh cranberry is the ideal complement to dozens of popular cranberry juice-based cocktails. We think the eye-catching crimson color looks best on the rim of a Cosmo or Cape Cod.

Strawberry Blonde – Strawberry sugar really does this favorite fruit justice by communicating the essence and sweetness of fresh strawberries. It is the perfect complement for a Strawberry Margarita or Daiquiri, or even a summery new twist on the Mimosa or Bellini.

Bohemian Raspberry – Raspberries are always in season with this bouncy, buoyant flavor. A remarkably accurate rendition of the ripe red fruit’s taste, this sugar is sure to be a hit on the rim of your Raspberry Margarita and Cosmo variations.

Watermelon Man – It’s summertime year-round when you have watermelon sugar on hand. When it’s time to whip up a batch of delicious Watermelon Martinis, don’t worry – we’ve taken the seeds out for you.

Pineapple Princess – The pride of Hawaii is now the star of your drink menu. Breathe new life in to old favorites like the Piña Colada and the Pineapple Fizz with a festive rim of pineapple sugar.

Tangerine Dream – The tangerine may be smaller than its cousin the orange, but our tangerine sugar delivers really big citrus taste! Perfect for citrus flavored vodkas on the rocks and any number of classic tropical drinks like the Mai Tai.

The Big Apple – The recognizable and fresh taste of apple will not go unnoticed in our apple sugar. Young-at-heart drinkers will love the playful, hard candy style taste on the rim of drinks like the Appletini.

Lime Light – The tartness of lime and the sweetness of sugar come together to make the perfect duo. Lime sugar is great for the specialty drink menu – don’t serve a Key Lime Pie Martini or Lime Martini without it.

“We created Cocktail Candy for the cocktail aficionados that want to add a signature touch to their cocktails,” Roger T. Treviño, founder of Twang Partners said. “We use the highest quality ingredients to create unique flavors allowing bartenders to create beautiful premium cocktails that taste fantastic.”

Cocktail Candy’s packaging features the vivid and colorful artwork of California painter and illustrator Josh Agle, more widely known as Shag. The tin’s eye-catching designs feature scenes of retro characters depicting Cocktail Candy’s playful flavor names and are perfectly sized to accommodate a wide array of glass sizes.

In addition to the everyday stable of flavors, Twang also plans to release three party-perfect flavors this winter, just in time for the holidays. Those flavors will include Chocolate Mint, Peppermint and Cranberry Apple.