Cafe Zuca adds new offerings

With the growing demand of popular and relevant flavor options, Twang has added two new flavors to the Cafe Zuca sugar line up and a Marshmallow offering.  The two newest flavors are Hazelnut and Caramel. Both are staples in the coffee/pastry world and can be added to a cappuccino, milkshake, whipped cream or muffin to give it another layer of flavor and experience. The Marshmallow offering was created to make the entire line a complete package. Cafe Zuca Flavored Sugar Toppings are designed to add a touch of sweet flavor to your drinks and treats giving customers the control to customize as they choose.

Cafe Zuca is created by the flavor experts at Twang who have made exceptional flavorful blends for the food and beverage industry for over 28 years. “We know how to create products that put flavor, quality and fun as priorities. All of our unique products are designed to add to the experience of eating and drinking, whether it be a margarita, popcorn, Michelada or cappuccino. We have something for everyone and every occasion.” Elysia Gonzales, Managing Partner at Twang.