What is it?

Twangerz is a delicious flavored salt blend that can be eaten by itself or as a snack topping.

How to use it

Because Twangerz comes in several different flavors, the combinations are endless. You can mix and match, add a little or a lot or do whatever you want. It’s up to you!



  • LEMON LIME –  This blend of lemons and limes is our cornerstone flavor. A versatile topping for snacks, fruit, veggies and chips. Consumers love it!
  • LIME – Lime is the hottest taste profile around. This flavor can be put on anything that could use a touch of lime.
  • CHILE LIME – Fire up the flavor with a trio of chilies blended with zesty lemon-lime. Spice up everything from fruit, french fries, guacamole and corn to meat and chicken marinades.
  • PICKLE – The fresh flavors of dill, cucumber and lemon-lime capture the taste of a crisp pickle. Perfect on popcorn, chips and burgers. Ideal for pickle lovers!
  • MANGO CHILE – This playful blend of sweet mangos and sour chilies, is a delicious treat on its own or on fruit, popcorn and desserts.
  • SRIRACHA – Everyone’s favorite hot sauce is now available in a granular form. Hot chili, tangy garlic, sugar and spices are perfectly blended to create Sriracha flavor on the go




Twangerz Snack Match Wheel