Bold savory flavor in Clamato Chili-Lime Salt

Clamato challenged the Food Scientists at Twang HQ to create a special seasoning salt that complements the popular flavors of Clamato products. Chili Lime is a staple flavor profile at Twang and it was fairly simple to recreate the bold, zesty flavors that make it a Twang favorite. However, in order to incorporate the Clamato flare, the Food Scientists had to test different variations of savory flavors such as Worcestershire, celery and tomato into the blend to give it a unique and dynamic flavor.


After a few variations were tested, modified then approved the final product was exceptional. The ladies in the lab knocked it out of the park giving it a different and vibrant flavor profile that cannot be replicated or compared to any competitor. The Clamato Chili-Lime Salt is truly a bi-product of both Clamato and Twang and what they stand for.