Beer Salt Three-Pack Now Available

We’re thrilled to announce a new Beer Salt three-pack, which offers three mini longneck bottles of our Beer Salt flavors – Lime, Lemon-Lime, and Caliente ’86 Hot Lime, in one fun and convenient package. This beer lover’s dream was unveiled at the 2012 NACS Show held in Las Vegas in October.

A three-pack option has been in high-demand from our fans since we launched our Caliente ’86 Hot Lime flavor in 2011 in celebration of our twenty-fifth anniversary. This new “half six-pack” is a salute to our loyal customers and a treat for those discovering Beer Salt for the first time.

We’ve also created a colorful shelf-topper and freestanding floor display for the new three-pack. The portability of the floor display allows the multi-packs to be easily cross-merchandised throughout many areas of your store during high traffic events and holidays to drive impulse and gift purchases. Contact us now to place an order.